baby I’m a fuckin AMERICAN

i only like my “star spangled banner” sang by a guy with a southern twang.
i believe the confederacy was about more than just slavery.
i have impregnated three of my cousins and not aborted any of the pregnancies because my favorite Fox News host says its equivalent to murder.
baby i’m a fuckin AMERICAN
i hate college liberals but when i eventually get cancer will crave every bit of scientific/medical advancement they’ve uncovered.
i love my boss and have never wondered if capitalism is bad.
i watch 14 reality shows a week and have erectile dysfunction.
baby I’m a fuckin AMERICAN
i get mad about the light skinned black man on the NFL tv saying police are bad.
i think the worse part about Benghazi is KILLARY Clinton, not the fact the US was funding al qaeda in Libya.
i am on blood thinners and mood stabilizers and haven’t talked to my son in years.
baby I’m a fuckin AMERICAN